Development of Muscat International Airport MC – 01 – Irrigation Works

Client : Ministry of Transport & Communication
Starting Date : 12-10-2014
Scheduled Completion Date: 31-05-2015
Scope of Works : supply and installation of satellite control irrigation system including 40Km of HDPE Main and Sub main size varies from 315MM to 100MM, 64Km of lateral lines with 400 Nos. of solenoid valves, 800 Nos. of QC Valves, 80 Nos. of Isolation valves, 80 Nos. of Automatic Air Valves, 400 Nos. of Flush Points, and laying of 16mm LLDPE pipe 600 thousand Meters, and 1.2 Million of 4/8 LPH Drippers. Also construction of total 1.2 Km Road Crossing ducts with concrete encasing.